The people behind the alpha pi brand are Dimitris Katsanos and Vaia Platanitou and their team who share their love and passion for land and olive trees.

The formerly neglected family olive grove is found in the area of Ancient Olympia in Peloponnese. The for long uncared olive trees needed intent human care to award in return with their golden liquid. And that is what the owners did. The signs of a promising outcome were obvious even from the first year of cultivation. Keeping the trees widely spaced, to absorb as much sunshine as possible, and applying only natural processes were non-negotiable criteria from the start.

Dimitris and Vaia’s primary concern, before starting their full involvement, was to attend all the available training programs aiming on their essential and scientific education in subjects of olive growing and production of quality olive oil. Dimitris is already a certified taster and till today training, both for them and their partners, is totally integrated in their olive oil business.

Αpart from intensive and continuous training, the personal presence and supervision in the monocultivar grove and monitoring of the daily processes aim to the highest results.

Koroneiki variety trees are well known for the production of outstanding quality and taste olive oil (fruitiness, bitterness, pungency). Every year we follow and closely observe the state of the trees and participate in each harvest in person. The color of the fruit will show the degree of ripeness and the right time for the appropriate harvest, following company’s philosophy. Actually it takes 12 kilos of fruit for 1 kilo of this premium product.

All the above explain why our olive oil has high content in polyphenols and an excellent qualitative profile. Furthermore, alpha pi olive oil carries a health claim (according to the European Regulation 432/2012 of European Food Safety Authority). A product carrying this health claim is considered the best superfood ideal for athletes, energetic people and if consumed daily can minimize heart diseases’ risk, among plenty other beneficial properties.

Olive fruits are picked by hand and master milled and filtered within a few hours of harvest. The outcome is the production of premium early harvest extra virgin olive oil (agoureleo).

It was 2013 when the owners decided to standardize their produce. Since the beginning, alpha pi EVOO has been presented in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has participated in respective international quality competitions. Starting from the second and third places, in recent years it remains firmly in the first place gaining a number of gold awards (NYIOOC, Berlin GOOA, Tokyo Olive Japan, AFFA Greece, Dubai OOC, London IOOC, San Remo MOOOIC, Lux Life Magazine UK).

The brand alpha pi comes from alpha “α”, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, also used as symbol of superior class or outstanding quality and pi “π”, the number which is a mathematical constant, infinite in digits, a miracle with no limit! These two letters, which also represent the family initials, are selected to brand an exceptional product of everlasting superior quality.

Alpha pi extra virgin olive oil is available in three types:

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its unique quality and low acidity up to 0.2. It is targeted to consumers and tasters with high standards, chefs and cooks included, as it is offered in limited availability while it bears Health Claim according to the European Regulation. A taste gem for every dining table and dish!

Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes with low acidity up to 0.4 and it is recommended for both retail and catering customers while it’s suggested for daily use at the dining table.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an early harvest excellent product that complements the alpha pi range of olive oil products and is addressed to customers with a philosophy of preference and consumption of organic products. The peculiarities and high requirements throughout the cultivation and production process of Organic alpha pi Olive Oil are reflected in its taste and flavor.

That is how a premium product with a special name was born and is bottled in an outstanding packaging that makes alpha pi olive oil distinct, unique and Absolutely Priceless!