Our Brand

Alpha “α”, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, also used as symbol of superior class or outstanding quality.

Pi “π”, the number which is a mathematical constant, infinite in digits, a miracle with no limit!

These two letters, which also represent our family initials, are selected to brand an exceptional product of everlasting superior quality.

Our Olive Grove

Our small family olive grove is located in the largest and most fertile valley of the Peloponese, in the municipality of Ileia.

The exclusive koroneiki variety trees, well known for the production of outstanding quality
and taste olive oil, are planted gracefully, avoiding closeness to each other.

The olive grove is cultivated and used by the family, employing only natural processes.
The outcome is the limited production of top quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our Product

Single variety of extra virgin olive oil from 100% Koroneiki variety olives

We are constantly monitoring the product from the first day of its birth! By providing it with the necessary care, we help the tree in binding strong and healthy fruit while at the same time following all the appropriate “good” practices.

Olives are collected, exclusively by hand, while still unripe and green. During the same day, in order to ensure than nothing but their “flower” makes it to the bottle, they are sorted and then crushed in an environment of no more than 26°C. Indicative of this, is the fact that out of 12 kilograms of olives, only one kilogram of alpha pi extra virgin oil is produced.

Following the harvest and the pressing, alpha pi is stored in special vats for a short period of time until bottling. Immediate processing and delicate handling, ensure that the final product never loses its freshness or any of its olive oil aromas.

From tree to bottle, we strive to meet only the highest criteria, as to preserve the quality and the unique characteristics of the alpha pi extra virgin olive oil.

Alpha Pi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Main characteristics

Sparkling colour,
and shades
of bright green.

Fruity aromas
the smells
of the rich

Spicy taste
and flavor
of fresh
olives and
slight tannin

We aim
our “alpha-pi”
olive oil
to be made
to both
consumers that
share a quest for
a unique product
of superior
and appealing