Learn how to taste olive oil and discover its taste and aromas.

Stage 1

Your first action will be to put a tablespoon of olive oil in a small glass. Then hug the bottom of the glass with your palm to heat the olive oil. Cover the mouth of the glass with the other palm and shake in a circle to release the aromas.

Stage 2

Then approach the glass to your nose, come close and smell the olive oil. and watch out for fragrances.

Stage 3

Then suck a significant amount and let it sit in the entire oral area. Do not swallow. During this stage, rest your tongue on the back of the upper teeth and take an oral inhalation to help release the aromas of the olive oil.

Stage 4

Finally, swallow and observe the flavors you tasted.

Basic principles of tasting

Get to know below the characteristics of olive oil and its basic tasting principles

Characteristics of superior quality olive oil.
An olive oil of superior quality stands out for its fruity aroma and full flavor. The fruity feature releases a variety of aromas such as freshly cut grass, olive blossom, tomato, apple, artichoke, almond, wild herbs and forest fruits. Its taste is characterized by a mild to intense sensation of bitterness in the mouth and spicy in the throat.

Characteristics of inferior quality olive oil.
An olive oil of inferior quality may have a common defect such as “tango”, which is created when the olive oil has undergone an intense oxidation process. In the nose, tango releases an unpleasant smell of fried oil. Other defects may be the “wine-vinegar” that refers to a poor-quality wine or vinegar, or the “moldy” that has a corresponding flavor or even the “atrochado” and “mourga”.

Basic principles of tasting
The best time to conduct the tasting process is at a distance from meals, i.e. in the morning or afternoon. It is recommended not to smoke, drink coffee and/or alcoholic or aromatic beverages as well as very sweet or salty foods at least half an hour before the test procedure. It is also recommended not to use colognes, soaps or other cosmetics with a strong odor that can disturb your olfactory ability. It is recommended to try from 2 to 5 different olive oils at a time.