Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL

The premium packaging of this year’s 2019 crop, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL stands out for its unique quality and low acidity.

Premium Alpha Pi extra virgin olive oil is targeted at consumers and tasters with high standards, as it is released in limited availability after a difficult year of olive oil production.

A taste gem for every dining table and dish!

Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL

Our new package of Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil of 500mL comes with low acidity traits (up to 0,6), in an opaque elegant packaging

It is recommended for both retail and catering customers and is suggested for daily use at the dining table.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Farming 500mL

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL originated from our organic farming comes in a luxurious golden packaging, painted and hot printed in order to acquire the texture of porcelain and preserve from sunlight the precious Alpha Pi Organic Olive Oil.

An excellent product that complements the Alpha Pi range of 2019 olive oil products and is addressed to consumers and customers with a philosophy of preference and consumption of organic products.

The peculiarities and high requirements throughout the cultivation and production process of Organic Alpha Pi Olive Oil are reflected in its taste and flavor.

single Use Packaging of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100mL

Our smallest packaging, the one of 100mL, is a non-refillable disposable dark-stained glass package. It is created exclusively for catering outlets and restaurants, which under the Rules for the Handling and Trading of Products and Services Provision they must offer packed and standardized disposable olive oil to their customers.

The package contains 100mL of extra virgin olive oil of low acidity (with maximum pH up to 0,3).

Of course it is also available for sale for retail customers too, as it is easy to transport and allowed even in an airplane cabin!